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Men of August Series
Marly's Choice
Men of August Book 1
Ellora's Cave
Sarah's Seduction
Men of August Book 2
Ellora's Cave
Heather's Gift
Men of August Book 3
Ellora's Cave
August Heat
Men of August Book 4 (12 Quickies of Christmas Anthology)
Ellora's Cave
The Breeds Series
Tempting the Beast
Breeds Book 1
Ellora's Cave
The Man Within
Breeds Book 2
Ellora's Cave
Elizabeth's Wolf
Breeds Book 3
Ellora's Cave
Kiss of Heat
Breeds Book 4
Ellora's Cave
Soul Deep
Breeds Book 5
Ellora's Cave
The Breed Next Door
Breeds Book 6 ( Hotspell Anthology)
Megan's Mark
Breeds Book 7
Harmony's Way
Breeds Book 8
Tanner's Scheme
Breeds Book 9
Wolf's Hope
Breeds Book 10
Ellora's Cave
Jacob's Faith
Breeds Book 11
Ellora's Cave
Aiden's Charity
Breeds Book 12
Ellora's Cave
In A Wolf's Embrace
Breeds Book 13( Beyond The Dark Anthology)
Dawn's Awakening
Breeds Book 14
A Jaguar's Kiss
Breeds Book 15 ( Shifter Anthology)
Mercury's War
Breeds Book 16
Christmas Heat
Breeds Book 17 ( The Magical Christmas Cat Anthology)
Coyote's Mate
Breeds Book 18
Bengal's Heart
Breeds Book 19
A Christmas Kiss
Breeds Book 20 ( Hot for the Holidays Anthology)
Lion's Heat
Breeds Book 21
Styx's Storm
Breeds Book 22
Primal Kiss
Breeds Book 23 (Primal Anthology)
Navarro's Promise
Breeds Book 24
An Inconvenient Mate
Breeds Book 25 (Tied With A Bow)
Lawe's Justice
Breeds Book 26
Stygian's Honor
Breeds Book 27
The SEALs Series
Reno's Chance
SEALs Book 1 ( Honk If You Love Real Men Anthology)
St Martin's
Dangerous Games
SEALs Book 2
St Martin's
For Maggie's Sake
SEALs Book 3 ( Real Men Do It Better Anthology)
St Martin's
Hidden Agendas
SEALs Book 4
St Martin's
Killer Secrets
SEALs Book 5
St Martin's
Atlanta Heat
SEALs Book 6 ( Rescue Me Anthology)
St Martin's
The Elite Ops Series
Wild Card
Elite Ops Book 1
St Martin's
Night Hawk
(Available for free at Hero's and Heartbreak website)
St Martin's
Elite Ops Book 2
St Martin's
Heat Seeker
Elite Ops Book 3
St Martin's
Black Jack
Elite Ops Book 4
St Martin's
Elite Ops Book 5
St Martin's
Hannah's Luck
Elite Ops Book 6 (Men of Danger Anthology)
St Martin's
Prologue To Live Wire
St Martin's
Live Wire
Elite Ops Book 7
St Martin's
Bound Hearts Series
Bound Hearts Book 1 (Surrender To Fire Anthology)
Ellora's Cave
Bound Hearts Book 2 & 3
Ellora's Cave
Wicked Sacrifice
Bound Hearts Book 4 & 5
Ellora's Cave
Shameless Embraces
Bound Hearts Book 6&7
Ellora's Cave
Forbidden Pleasure
Bound Hearts Book 8
St. Martin's
Wicked Pleasure
Bound Hearts Book 9
St. Martin's
Only Pleasure
Bound Hearts Book 10
St. Martin's
Guilty Pleasure
Bound Hearts 11
St. Martin's
Dangerous Pleasure
Bound Hearts 12
St. Martin's
Nauti Boy Series
Nauti Boy
Nauti Boys Book 1
Nauti Nights
Nauti Boys Book 2
Nauti Dreams
Nauti Boys Book 3
Nauti Intentions
Nauti Boys Book 4
Nauti Deceptions
Nauti Boys Book 5
Nauti Kisses
Nauti Boys Book 6 (Nauti and Wild Anthology)
The Callahan's Series
Midnight Sins
The Callahan's Book 1
St Martin's
Deadly Sins
The Callahan's Book 2
St Martin's
Secret Sins
The Callahan's Book 3
St Martin's

The Legacy Series

Shattered Legacy
Legacies Book 1
Ellora's Cave
Shadowed Legacy
Legacies Book 2
Ellora's Cave
Savage Legacy
Legacies Book 3
Ellora's Cave
Dragon Prime
Ties in to the Legacies
Ellora's Cave
Wounded Warrior Series
Cooper's Fall
Wounded Warriors Book 1 (Real Men Last All Night Anthology)
St Martin's
Shelia's Passion
Wounded Warriors Book 2 (Legally Hot Anthology)
St Martin's
Men of Summer Series
Loving Lies
Men of Summer Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Chronicles of Brydon
Broken Wings
Chronicles of Brydon Book 1
Cerridwen Press
B.O.B.s Series
B.O.B's Fall
B.O.B.s Book 1
Ellora's Cave
The Wizard Twins Series
Menage A Magick
Wizard Twins Book 1
Ellora's Cave
When Wizards Rule
Wizard Twins Book 2
Ellora's Cave
Twin Passions
Wizard Twins Book 3
Ellora's Cave
Cowboys and Captives Series
Cowboy And The Captive
Cowboys & Captives Book 1 (Cops & Cowboys Anthology)
Ellora's Cave
Cowboy And The Theif
Cowboys & Captives Book 2 (A Wish, A Kiss, A Dream Anthology)
Ellora's Cave
Law and Disorder Series
Moving Violations
Law and Disorder Book 1
Ellora's Cave
Blood Ties Series
Knight Stalker
Blood Ties Book 1 (Manaconda Anthology)
Ellora's Cave
Non Series
Time Share: Amelia's Journey
Ellora's Cavemen: Tales From The Temple 1 Anthology
Ellora's Cave
Sealed With A Wish
White Hot Holidays Volume 1 Anthology
Ellora's Cave
Fyre Brand
Surrender To Fire Anthology
Ellora's Cave
The One
Ellora's Cave

Nauti Girls Series

Nauti Temptress
Nauti girls Book 1
Nauti Siren
Nauti girls Book 2 (Nautier and Wilder Anthology)


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