Romance Author, Lora Leigh

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5 Clovers and Recommended Read from Kwips and Kritiques
“This series knocked my socks off from book one, delivering all of the sexual intensity you expect in a Lora Leigh book, coupled with the sweet romance and happy ending she can always be relied on for.” ~ Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies
“Book 4 of Ms. Leigh’s Tantalizing SEALS series, HIDDEN AGENDAS, is off the top wonderful… Each new manuscript that is penned by Lora Leigh comes with ‘to die for’ heroes and the heroines that complete them. I couldn’t ask for anything better.” ~ Reviewed by Natasha

HIDDEN AGENDAS has a fast-moving, intriguing plot and lots of hot passion between two strong- willed characters who are so right for each other. This was my introduction to Lora Leigh’s writing. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline, which ends with the perfect setup for a future story.”~ Reviewed by Sabrina Marino from Fresh Fiction

5 ribbons from Romance Junkies

“Highly intense, poignantly emotional, and wonderfully delicious, FORBIDDEN PLEASURE was a truly decadent read.  As with all Lora Leigh novels, I read this cover to cover in one sitting.  There is nothing more forbidden than a Trojan, and I can’t help but adore them. ” Reviewed by Natasha Read the entire Review

5 Angels and Recommended Read from Fallen Angels Reviews

“I have to say that this was one of the most amazing books I have read… lust, love, affection, anger, and fear, are so well depicted… I have always enjoyed Lora Leigh, this just reinforces why.” Reviewed by Serena Read the entire Review

“DANGEROUS GAMES by Lora Leigh has to be one of the most emotionally intense books I have read in a very long time.” Natasha ~ Romance Junkies ~ 5 Ribbons

 “Lots of sex, lots of action. The charismatic main couple carries this exciting story to a shattering conclusion.” Sue Burke ~ Fresh Fiction

“If you’re in the mood for something short and spicy, Real Men Do It Better presents four enjoyable, nicely written, though lightly plotted novellas that are just the thing to heat up a cold February night.” Martina ~ Bookloons

“Joe Merino is power personified. I was humbled at his willingness to let his best friend find happiness, even at the sacrifice of his own.” Natasha Smith ~ Romance Junkies

“The writing of Lora Leigh continues to amaze me. Loving Lies has to be one of the finest books she has written, and I know it is one of the most outstanding books I have read in an extremely long time. When a book makes me cry, angry, and shiver in anticipation all at the same time, then I know it is well written. Loving Lies took me full circle; from ecstasy to hate, to despair and finally love. I highly recommend Loving Lies to any reader as it is electrically charged, erotic, and just a sinfully good read!” ~ Reviewed by Talia for Joyfully Reviewed

4 Tattoos “Ms. Leigh is one of my favorite authors because she creates new worlds that I want to visit and would move to if only I could.” Louisa Christina ~ Erotic Escapades

4.5 Stars “Lora Leigh tells a sweet story of unexpected love. Every woman wants to meet a man exactly like Kheelan.” Candy ~ ecataromance

4 Cups “Ms. Lora Leigh has written a sexy story with a hero that could warm any reader’s bed with his sexy good looks and physique. The heroine’s reluctance to give into the hero’s entreaties, to surrender to his caresses, gives this story enough heat to scorch the pages and many a hard drive. I enjoyed this book very much.” Katherine L. Hunt ~ Coffee Time Romance

5 Angels “Lora Leigh has done it again. She’s penned a story that has depth of character, a fascinating plot, and more steam than a sauna.” Serena ~ Fallen Angel Reviews


5 Roses “Lora Leigh’s heartwarming story of love and incredible passion will make your heart sing. Sealed with a Wish is one of her most touching erotic romances yet. More like this one would change many narrow minds about erotic romances.” Cynthia ~ A Romance Review

4.5 Flags “Sealed with a Wish is another Lora Leigh keeper. She packs as much emotion, action, and plot in her quickies as she does in the longer novels.” Holly ~ Euro Reviews

4.5 Hearts “Sealed with a Wish is a fabulous erotic, holiday, short tale crafted by the magnificent story-teller Lora Leigh. The passion between Cara and Kheelan is scorching hot, sexy, and sweet.” ~ Contessa ~ The Romance Studio

“Sarah’s Seduction once again displays Lora Leigh’s talents as a writer. All the characters have their own personalities and make each part of the story come to life. Even though I found some tiny inconsistencies in Sarah’s Seduction and the other books in the series I was still very pleased.” Reviewer: Angel, The Romance Studio

“SARAH’S SEDUCTION will take readers on a titillating and emotional journey into a world of passion, danger and the ultimate surrender.” Reviewed by Tanya Kacik, Romantic Times

“I heartily recommend this story and the prequel Marly’s Choice to all those that love to read a very good romance story. You have a tortured hero, action, true love and very hot sex…. what more could you want? I am also anxious to read the sequel, which will involve the third August brother, Sam. That is…as soon as it’s finished being written and then released. *hint hint* This is one reviewer who will keep a very close eye out at Lora Leigh’s web site and Ellora’s Cave for the next story involving the handsome and sexy August brothers.” Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht, In The Library Reviews

“Ms. Leigh does a wonderful job of filling in the back-story without taking away from the current story. I can’t wait to get my sweaty little hands on the final book, Sam August’s story.” Reviewed by Carolyn, A Romance Review

“This book was an excellent, hot read. So well written, you could feel the attraction and emotions of the characters. The depth of uncertainty that Sarah struggles with, combined with her fierce sense of long-awaited independence, shows the enormous strength of her character. Lora Leigh has crafted an intense sequel to MARLY’S CHOICE, and I will be anxiously waiting the third installment in the August brothers series.” Reviewed by Maryellen Kunkel, Sensual Romance Reviews

“This book is turn on the fans and open the windows HOT!!! Marly’s Choice is the first book in the August brothers series where the mystery stalker continues. Lora Leigh has written an incredible read with sexual scenes that will leave you breathless. All I can say is be sure not to miss this book and bring your own toys!!!” Reviewer: Dina Smith, The Romance Studio

“Lora Leigh pens a shadowy story with explicit sex and high levels of sensuality. Cade’s resistance to Marly’s extravagant seduction drags in the beginning, but the intense sensual ambiance makes up for it. Be prepared for an arousing read!” Reviewed by Cindy Whitesel, Romantic Times

“Marly’s Choice is a story filled with incredible romance with a taste of suspense. It is amazing to read about the incredible odds the hero and heroine go through…internally and externally to achieve their hearts desires. Lora Leigh did a wonderful job telling this incredible talent and I am anxious to read the sequel Sarah’s Seduction that tells the story of Brock (Cade’s brother). Hot, sexy, loving cowboys…. what more could a woman ask for?” Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht, In The Library Review

“A fast-paced read, a scorcher with sex scenes that blister the pages, and a emotional-guilt ridden past for both hero and heroine, Marly’s Choice is another great story by Ms. Leigh that will no doubt be a favorite of her reader fans.” Reviewed by Kari, A Romance Review

“MARLY’S CHOICE was a thrilling read! Lora Leigh created a perfect blend of sexual tension and suspense, along with a pull on your heartstrings to keep readers turning page after page with anticipation. Marly’s determination and Cade’s hesitation made for an explosive coming together. I highly recommend this book, and can’t wait for the sequel, SARAH’S SEDUCTION.” by Maryellen Kunkel, Sensual Romance Reviews


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Lora Leigh's books are intended for readers 18 years of age or older. The excerpts and content on this website is not intended for readers under the age of 18.