Romance Author, Lora Leigh

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Coming Soon

Wicked Lies

 Wicked Lies

ISBN: 0312389116
Publisher: St. Martin's

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Jazz Lancing is the stuff of legends. A mountain-bred ex-Navy SEAL with rugged dark looks, a tall muscled frame, and gorgeous blue eyes, he can have any woman he wants in the state of Tennessee. Except Annie Mayes. The beautiful, innocent teacher refuses to fall for Jazz because she’s hiding a secret more powerful than her own temptation …


Jazz knows that Annie isn’t who she says she is—that she’s lying about her identity, her past, and her motives. But can she be trusted? Little does he know Annie has been craving his kiss for years, dreaming that Jazz would take her in his arms and save her from her demons. But telling Jazz the truth could put both of them in peril. In this deadly game of danger, deceit, and darkness, is desire worth the risk of losing…everything?


Secret PleasureSecret Pleasure

 ISBN: 0312576250
Publisher: St. Martin's

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In Secret Pleasure by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh, Sebastian and Shane De Loren were born to love Alyssa Hampstead. No other woman on Earth can burn for them, ignite with passion between them, the way Alyssa does. But after three sensual months of pleasure come to a crashing halt, Sebastian and Shane are left fighting their powerful family, risking it all to have Alyssa one more time...



Nauti EnchantressNauti Seductress

ISBN: 0425256006
Publisher: Berkley

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Readers thought the boys were bad—but wait until they get a peek at the wild desires of the girls. #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh delivers the third book in the Nauti Girls series, taking the sexy adventures of the Mackay sisters to the limit—and beyond—with her “electrically charged, erotic, and just a sinfully good” (Joyfully Reviewed) talents.



Too Hot To Handle

 Too Hot To Touch

ISBN: 0425278492
Publisher: Berkley

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 The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Rule Breaker, Stygian’s Honor, and Lawe’s Justice presents three novellas from the “no-holds-barred”* world of the Breeds—collected here for the first time.


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coming soonReluctant Lies


Zach wasn't a liar.

He didn't cheat.

He didn't steal.

He refuses to allow himself to be drawn into the games...






The below titles are not in the order they’ll be written or released.  Thank You.



A sage ends to make way for a new phase in the war between Breeds and mankind. The final five titles ending Gideon’s reign over the series.

AUTHORS NOTE: Please understand, the titles as yet to be turned in, the storylines presented here, are subject to change. I have yet to start the last three books, so where they go once I start them, is anyone’s guess. But these ideas have been in      progress for several years, and I hope they remain.

Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued enjoyment in the series.


coming soonThe Devil’s Due


What’s Gideon been up to?

Why is Cassie and Dash Sinclair joining Dane Vanderale on the remote New Mexico estate belonging to the lone wolf Lobo Reever? And what is the breed executioner, Wolf breed, Devil Black doing now that the Bureau of Breed Affairs polices the breeds?

Find out in The Devil’s Due.


An Irish lass only now realizing her breed genetics now also carries the proof of a little known breed phenomena, called ‘genetic flaming’. A fever that literally pulls recessed breed genetics from hiding.

She’s discovered in the worse of places, in Europe, where breeds are now required to submit to testing facilities or forced to those facilities once found. But breeds rarely leave the same way they enter.

If Kathleen ‘Katy’ O’Sullivan doesn’t find a miracle than no one can save her, even her adored Da, Barrett O’ Sullivan. Northern Ireland’s Chief Constable can save her from the fate her country would order her to.

Rescue comes in the form of the famed, Devil Black, a former Breed Rogue Executioner and now, her mate.


coming soonComing soon in hard cover –

Rule Breaker

Lion Breed, Rule Breaker had just a few rules he didn’t break. Not for anything. Not for anyone.

#1. Never have sex with a woman outside his own subspecies, especially a human woman.

#2. Never, at any time, accept a mission concerning a female when Jonas Wyatt stinks of a lie.

#3. Run don’t walk, skip or stumble. Run, hell for leather away from any female, human or breed, when his desire for her appears, in any way, to have so much as a single sign of Mating Heat.


Now, the woman believes he’s mated, is too helpless, to fun loving and too full of life to ever be able to protect herself, let alone aide him in protecting her.

If the damned animal inside him insisted on a mate, then why pick the woman it did? One that could be struck out at, at any time?

But, what he suspected was a mating, may not be. No swollen glands? No heat? Just his animal instincts rioting, pacing, irritated whenever he’s away from her.

Okay, he could handle that.

What ensues is a fiery affair that breaks all the rules of mating heat and will eventually endanger his mate with the very rules designed to protect the breeds when Jonas learns she’s possibly been working against them.


 coming soonTo Wake A Sleeping Tiger


On a moonless Navajo night, the recessed Bengal Breed known only as Judd became Cullen Maverick, grandson to one of the Chiefs of the Six Tribes of the Native Americans.

Bengal genetics, usually so fierce as to be labeled primal, was recessed so deep inside Judd that no hint of it can be found. A phenomena so rare it’s been notated only a few times. And there’s no way, it’s believed, to force those genetics free once they’ve disappeared past the genetic level.

Now, as commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico, Cullen leads his six agents in protecting the treasures of the Navajo Tribes by ensuring they remain safely in Navajo possession.

Secrets such as the location of the Tribal Genetic-DNA database where more than 70% of all known or suspected Native American’s have sent their genetic samples for safe keeping and to ensure any Breed searching for family members at least have a starting point to begin searching.

Secrets such as the events that occurred twelve summers before when two young girls who should have died, supposedly didn’t. The night Judd watched an ancient ritual, mourned for the children he’d watched over, and found a life he’d never imagined he could have. Secrets one renegade, revenge seeking Bengal will destroy, if left to his own devices.

But, as much as Judd and the Navajo are determined to keep their secrets, still others are determined to steal them or to use them to capture, the Primal rogue breed, Gideon Cross – the only breed Judd fears. Because if Gideon finds Judd, then it will only be a moment’s thought to identify and locate the young woman Gideon is determined to kill.

The young human who was a part of those experiments Judd, Gideon and Honor Roberts endured so many years before.

Forces are converging in and around Window Rock as Gideon draws closer. The Genetics Council units are being sighted more frequently and Bureau and Council skirmishes in the desert are happening more often.

Jonas Wyatt’s daughter, Amber is becoming more ill and even the information key’s provided by Liza Johnson, the young woman once known as Liza Johnson, and the keys Judd himself anonymous sent Wyatt, haven’t helped.

But those keys will only help when Gideon’s and especially Fawn’s are added to them. If either Gideon or Fawn are lost to them, then Jonas’ child may follow.

Added to this mix is none other than the delicate Window Rock police detective determined to stick her pretty little nose in his business.

And once Cullen realized the animosity that keeps flaming between them is far more than he imagined, then the Primal Breed that’s lurked inside him comes out to play. And when that beast decides to make itself known, Cullen suddenly remembers all the reasons it was better off sleeping.


coming soon#30 (TBA)

Gideon is amused.

For months he’s walked among the Breeds, somehow mistaken as a lion breed. Hell, he’s even gone on desert forays to search for ‘that fucking bastard primal, Gideon’. He’s befriended several of them, soothed one as she wept for her wounded sister, and all the while they’ve had him laughing his ass off.

Lion breed his ass. The secrets he learned in Brandenmore’s labs, and the drugs he stole when he left, were amazing little inventions.

The primal killing urges have receded, though he’d be damned if he knew why. For the first time in years he’s not besieged by that tormented, enraged creature he shares his body with. For the first time he can actually think, plot, plan.

Just because the creatures rage is no longer guiding him though, that doesn’t mean he’s no longer searching for Fawn. She did something with that transfusion she and Judd forced on him. It had created a monster. A ravening, revenge – seeking, brutal creature.

Poor little Fawn would have had not a moments breath to draw had he found her then. And sweet, proud little Honor. How she had begged and pleaded for gentleness for the rest of them, forced her father to  demand it, then sobbed until she had made herself sick. Those sobs had forced Gideon to drag his pain wracked body to her, to hold her hair as she was sick. She had been far too proud of the quickly growing tresses for him to risk having it cut off, only two days before she was allowed to shower.

Being the cherished generals daughter had ensured she wasn’t treated cruelly, but it had also not insured she was treated gently either.

God, how he had loved those girls. Fawn though, his heart was often left bleeding for the cruelties he’d been unable to protect her from and enraged at times, possessing such gut wrenching fury at the the horrifying experiments done on such a tiny, frail child as she had been.

Memories of her screams echoing in those cells had the power to tempt the primal creature still lurking within him, free once more.

If he closed his eyes and allowed his thoughts to center on the shy, always wary little Clair Martinez, then he can calm himself. For a while he had been certain she was Fawn, despite the physical differences between the two.

As a teenager Claire had been as wild as the wind, experimenting with drugs, running with the wrong crowd. Her father, Ray Martinez, President of the Navajo Nation always stank of shame whenever his daughter was near, leading Gideon to assume the rumors were true. She had made her mistakes as a child and left them behind her as she matured though. Many children were not as self – sufficient and independent as Clair. Ray should feel pride in her, not shame. Just as her grandfather Orrin feels pride in her. So much so that the scent is often tinged with a slight hint of arrogance when he speaks of her.

Her uncle, Terran Martinez, has the same scent of pride in her that’s scented whenever he talks of his own daugthers, making the shame Ray feels tempt the animal Gideon now keeps carefully hidden.

He only allows the creature out to play occasionally now. Such as when the Coyote, Malachi, had his mate abducted by the man who had attempted to rape her, determined to turn her over to council loyal coyotes. When Gideon had scented her terror, scented the pain of another’s touch on her flesh, sensitive from the mating mark Malachi had placed on it, even in the crushing grip of insanity, Gideon had been unable to turn his back on her.

She was Malachi’s woman, and Malachi could never turn his back on Gideon. Now Gideon couldn’t turn his back on Malachi’s mate.

That didn’t mean the animal had released him. Hell no, fully primal and enraged, still held in that dazed placed where sanity was an uncommon occurrence and the animal rules his senses, Gideon had watched, satisfaction surging through him as he managed to finally wrest control from his instincts.

How strange those years had been. Even stranger was how the animal had just suddenly sat back, stilled and its rage had slowly calmed. As though to say ‘I’ll rest now, see if you can manage things alone for a while’.

The Bengal he harbored in his genetics still checked in occasionally, especially when Gideon went searching for council loyal soldiers or coyotes. He willingly allowed the animal out to play then, knowing that primal rage was, for the time being, stilled.

A good thing he had decided, because learning Claire’s secrets, her fears and her pleasures won’t always be as easy as drawing forth her timid little smiles.

As for Claire Martinez, she’s living on borrowed time and she knows it. Dreams and nightmare images are coming more frequently and now she doesn’t always have to be asleep.

She stares into the mirror but she doesn’t know herself for precious moments.

She hears chants.

She hears Joseph Redwolf ask if she knows why they are there.

Sometimes, she hears her own ragged screams and the dark, gentle voice soothing her fears.

She’s terrified, but refuses to allow anyone to see her fears.

Klah Hunter, a breed that’s worked with the Breed Underground Network she’s a part of was in her hospital room after an attack on her and her cousins. He’s returned and she sees him around often. He frightens her, because there’s something about him that makes those nightmares seem so much closer.

Then there’s Graeme, Lobo Reever’s head of security. He’s so smart, so strong. When he’s with her, she doesn’t feel so frightened, or so in danger of losing herself to the nightmares trying to overtake her.

Then the horrifying truth of her father is revealed, and Claire’s life is suddenly in more danger than it’s ever been. But, Claire knows she’s not Claire Martinez. The nightmares are becoming memories. Brief images, flashes of conversations and the horrifying realization that she can’t escape something she managed to escape when she was fifteen.

And how she longs for Graeme. Longs for him so much that she reaches out to him in dreams that aren’t really dreams. In images that feel far too real.

When she was little, her father once told her she could fly. The night she realized the secrets her father harbored, she stole his car, convinced a friend to ride with her. She flew that night, didn’t she? Or did she? Now she wonders, what was left of her when she landed?

Protective custody lasts only as long as it takes Graeme to find her, but once in his arms, will the woman she truly is emerge? And when that woman emerges, how much will survive a Bengal’s fury.


As yet untitled, the Mating of Cassandra (Cassie) Sinclair, and the breed she should have never dared –

Never dare a Coyote.

Never challenge a breed.

How many times in her life has Cassie heard those warnings? So what made her challenge a Coyote the night she felt the sights leveled on her head.

He should have killed her, because she could have handled that. She expected that. What she can’t handle? What she never expected?

The mating that occurred, the coyote destined to be her mate, and her father’s fury –



The continuation of the Mackay’s Nauti Series.

What’s a Mackay supposed to do when he learns he has four sisters he never knew existed?

For Dawg Mackay, there’s only one answer. Take them under his wing and begin learning how to raise and protect them. Practice for the daughter he knows will give him gray hairs in the future.

Eve (Nauti Temptress) Piper (Nauti Siren) Lyrica (Nauti Enchantress) and the youngest, as well as the most complicated, Zoey (Nauti Seductress)

Four sisters, four alpha, take charge heroes who learn the true meaning of being Nauti, and loving their Nauti women.


St. Martins

The Lies Men Tell 2 sequels to Loving Lies


coming soonWicked Lies

Jazz is hot for Anna. Damn, he simply can’t get her out of his head.

Shy? Frightened? They young teacher has him ready to blow some kind of sexual fuse as he fights to stay away, sensing her reluctance to take him. After all, a lot of women want Jazz, why chase after one that doesn’t want him? Right?

Wrong! Chasing isn’t the word for what the playfully deceptive, wickedly carnal Jazz will do to get into her bed.

An WICKED LIES won’t even come close to describing the deception he’ll practice to stay there until he can steal her heart.







Zach has lusted for her.

He’s ached for her.

At one time, he would have gone to his knees for her.

Until he lied.

Now, to get her back, the man that swore he’d never lie again. The man that promised he’d never deceive again, will have to do both to win the heart of the woman he’s loved nearly all her life.






Once a member of the Sinclair men’s club as their honorary female member, Alyssa Hampstead broke one of the most important rules of the club and gracefully accepted Ian Sinclair’s request to leave.

For a reason.

Now, caught between two men she’s terrified of, and a father determined to destroy her, she turns to the only safety she’s ever known, that of the men’s club she forced herself to walk away from.

Only to learn that the very men she’s running from are awaiting for her there. And the man determined to destroy her, has just been waiting for her to return –






Two half-brother’s, once enemies torn apart by a father’s greed are now brought together by more than the men’s club they share. They’re brought together by the woman they’re both desperate to have.

However they can get her.

And in having her, they that some things can be much more satisfying when shared. As well as much safer –






The final novellas of the wounded heroes’ of

Cooper’s Fall – Ethan Cooper finds love with his sexy innocent neighbor only to nearly lose her when her past returns in the form of her father, a notorious Italian Mafia lord thought to be dead.


Sheila’s Passion: Someone’s past is haunting Simsburg Texas, and one of Ethan Cooper’s bouncers. Can Casey protect the woman he’s been secretly loving? The daughter of the commander overseeing the real work that goes on at the Broken Bar? Or, will a shadowy threat take her from him forever?




coming soonERIN’S Kiss

A shadow is waiting. Watching.

Is Erin’s new lover, one of the bouncer’s and part owners of the bar targeted, be the man that destroyed so many lives? There’s only one way to find out. Endanger his lover, and see if he calls the one person that will reveal his identity.

Unaware of the danger, Erin sets out to seduce a seducer. To steal just a few nights of lust, of pleasure, just to learn if all the hype is true.

Can sex really be more than the pain she’s known in the past? But, once her heart becomes snared, can she still walk away -





Is the man Cianna loves so desperately one of the bouncer’s and part owners of the bar an attempted murderer is targeting, be the man that destroyed so many lives? There’s only one way to find out. Endanger his lover, and see if he calls the one person that will reveal his identity.

Cianna may be unaware of the danger watching Turk, the man she’s unable to resist, but she’s damned sure of the danger he represents to her heart. And to the hunger she can’t still when he’s around.






coming soonLAYLA’S HEART

Layla has loved Iron for as long as she can remember. The boy her parents adopted, the soldier that returned wounded, scarred and bitter from war, and the man that never laughs as he once did.

He’s her heart, but convincing him of that, when he believes trouble has come looking for him, isn’t so easy. Until that trouble finds her –


And the five wounded heroes lead in to the final, as yet unscheduled full length novel:





Danger has infiltrated Simsburg, Texas, and it arrived with Giovanni Fredric. It had chosen the four men it was certain had to include its prey, only to learn it was none of the four.

It was the new man in town. The one who hadn’t known war. The one unwounded when it had been certain he had been wounded.

Morgan Keane. He held the mark of the Fredrico family. The mark of the betrayer. But he also now holds something his enemy had never imagined he would hold.

The daughter it had lost so long ago.

The daughter that had turned against her family, her friends, who had seen the horrific slices across a teenager’s breasts and who led the authorities to where the teenager was held.

The daughter who had screamed out in pain. In hatred. The daughter it sought just justice for.

That daughter was now in the arms of the enemy –

And the shadow of vengeance waits no more.



Lora Leigh's books are intended for readers 18 years of age or older. The excerpts and content on this website is not intended for readers under the age of 18.