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Jacob's Faith

Jacob's FaithISBN: 1843607484
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


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They are a new breed, a new race. Engineered rather than born, trained rather than raised, and their unique genetics have created more than one surprise…

Jacob left Faith six years before, unaware that the mark he left on her also left her in an agony of sexual heat that never dimmed. Now Jacob and Faith are together again, but surprises lurk around every corner and dangers as dark and deadly as their very creation surround them in more ways than one.

Somewhere in the near future

Experimental Breed Labs, Mexico

Jacob exited the small shower attached to his cell, a towel wrapped around his waist as he dried the long strands of his hair with another. The hot shower had eased the strained muscles that came with daily training, but did little to ease the tense premonition that had filled him for the last days.

It throbbed in his gut, and tightened his chest. The chill of warning seemed to infuse his being. He couldn’t shake it. It was unusual for his sixth sense to kick in so hard and heavy when not involved with one of the Council’s bloody missions. While incarcerated at the Labs, the highly developed ability to sense danger was normally quiet. Now though, it tightened his chest and sent a prickle of warning escalating up his spine.

The advanced sixth sense was something he kept carefully hidden. The premonitions became stronger each month, the development of once latent talents peeking from the edges of his mind in a way that kept him off balance. It wouldn’t do to let his creators know. The advancement of any of their extra senses could well be the final nail in the coffins of the Wolf Breeds. Life was hard enough as a genetic experiment; he would prefer it didn’t get any harder.

At the rate they were going they would be disposed of before the year was out anyway. Despite the years of bloody training and cruel conditions, the Breeds still hadn’t developed the sense of hatred and bloodthirsty savagery their creators were looking for. Except for their creators. Given a chance, every Breed within the cells would take out the throats of the Council members and scientists and soldiers who wielded their perverted powers.

A silent, hidden snarl echoed in his mind at the thought of his captors as he entered the main area of his small cell. He stopped the moment he crossed the threshold from the bathroom. His head lifted, nostrils flaring as his gaze went immediately to the furious young woman who sat on the thick mattress in the corner of his cell. A woman that should not be there.

For a moment, desire sharp and sudden flared within him. An instinct to possess that he was hard pressed to keep hidden beneath a shield of unconcern. The animal instincts that fought for supremacy each time he was in her presence were becoming harder to hide as each day went by.

His chest immediately tightened in fury as knowledge seared his brain. The day he had feared would come, had hoped to avoid, was now here. He glanced through the glass partition that separated his cell from his Pack Leader. Wolfe stared back at him, and in his furious eyes, Jacob saw concern and anger as the other man watched him.

Wolfe, the Pack Leader of the small group of Wolf Breeds sent him a silent warning, his look shuttered and brooding. Jacob glanced to his left then, seeing Aiden propped against the far wall of his own cell, his expression stoic, his gray eyes furious. The woman in Jacob’s cell was born of the same female that Aiden had been. They were more than just Packmates, they were blood siblings. It was a relationship Aiden took seriously. He carried more than one scar on his back from protecting his sister from the cruelties of the soldiers in the Labs.

Jacob’s gaze went back to the woman. Her fists were clenched, and her eyes swam with tears. He inhaled carefully and almost staggered at the scent of her lust. It was hot and sweet, tempting. In his life he had never known such a potent, though faint scent of need. As though her flesh was rioting with it, despite the anger that poured off her body in waves. It swirled about his senses, stroking them, heating his body. The animal within roared out in demand as he fought to still its ravenous call.

He was shocked, confused. The scent had lust surging through his body. Only with extreme control did he keep his cock from coming to instant attention, the effect was so instantaneous. The blood thundered through his veins, pumping a heady message to sensitive nerve endings and primitive desires. His woman. The thought seared his brain. She was his, and despite his fears for her, for the Pack should he openly acknowledge that claim, he could not stem the rising need to do just that.

She was dressed in the regulation cotton shirt and white pants and beneath the shirt her breasts rose and fell harshly, the full mounds swollen and tipped with hard little nipples. His cock twitched beneath the towel, intrigued with the scent of rising need that infused his nostrils. His mouth watered at the sudden thought of tasting her, burying his head between those smooth thighs that his hidden money paid to keep lotioned and silky. He wanted to thrust his tongue down the cleft of her cunt and lap at the moisture, thick and sweet, that he knew he would find there. His tongue literally throbbed with the need.

He shook his head. He knew her too well, knew she was not ready for his desires. Faith was a Packmate, and trained with him regularly. She was a bit immature for her eighteen years of age and filled with anger, but she was pretty enough with her big black eyes, and thick, shoulder length auburn hair. Her body was delicate, small and graceful, with slender bones and a fragile appearance. She was sleek and conditioned, and stronger than she appeared he knew, but he could not stem his fears that she would be easily broken with the hungers that swept through him.

Jacob turned carefully from her, his gaze going to the outside of the steel bars that made up the door and the front portion of the cell. There stood Bainesmith, the scientist in charge of the Labs, her beady little black eyes glittering with satisfaction, her arms crossed over her miniscule breasts as she watched him. Her harsh, Asian features were pulled into an expression of avid pleasure.

He had fucked her often enough that he could see the rising excitement in her fiendish expression. If Faith’s lusts weren’t so overwhelming, Jacob knew he would smell the stench of the other woman’s perversions.

Delia Bainesmith was the most hated of all the scientists who worked the Breed Labs. Her hunger for power would destroy them all, Jacob often thought. She considered the Breeds her own personal death squad, and her fury in their refusal to kill with bloodthirsty abandon would soon see them all dead. And Jacob knew if he wasn’t extremely careful, then he and Faith could become the first casualties to fall to her demonic punishments.

He lifted a brow. “Is she here for a reason, Bainesmith?”

The scientist’s thin lips quirked in amusement. The Bitch, they called her. Her sadistic pleasures had been known to make their lives hell. They all carried the scars of the whip she applied herself when they displeased her. They had all known the sickening smell of her lust for them. The stench of her depravity.

“She’s a gift, Jacob,” she told him mockingly. “All prepared for you. I expect you to breed her tonight.”

Jacob glanced back at Faith. She didn’t seem so willing for breeding, despite the scent from her body. She looked furious, violent. He scratched at his chest absently, noting the greedy hunger in Bainesmith’s eyes when he turned back to her.

“Thought I was your personal toy.” He gave her the hooded half angry look that he knew turned her on.

He couldn’t afford to reveal his needs yet, and he sure as hell didn’t want to give the scientist reason to turn on Faith. Manipulating the calculating woman who ruled their lives was hell enough. He knew if he showed any attachment, any preference for Faith, then her life wouldn’t be worth living. The thought of the many ways Bainesmith could hurt her terrified him. He couldn’t risk her, she was becoming too important to his own survival.

“I’ve decided to share you a bit.” Bainesmith shrugged, but he could see the anger in her eyes. Damn, what the hell had he done to displease her now? “And don’t pretend, my savage wolf; I’ve seen how you watch our little Faith. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with her.”

He fought to keep his expression clear, only mild amusement reflecting in his eyes. He hadn’t been careful enough; it appeared he had somehow revealed his attraction for the younger woman.

“I’m pretty tired, Delia,” he sighed, grasping frantically at a means of preventing what he knew would come. “How ‘bout tomorrow? She’s pretty enough, but your training maneuvers are getting harder every day.”

Bainesmith shrugged her thin shoulders, but her eyes gleamed in malicious amusement. “Whenever, Jacob.” He worried about that smug little smile that shaped her lips. “I’ll just leave her there with you, though. Do as you will.”

He narrowed his eyes when she turned away as though unconcerned. The soldiers flanking her smirked but followed in her wake like the trained mongrels they were. The lights were extinguished, leaving only the dim lighting that each cell had for its personal use.

“Someone want to tell me what’s going on?” He glanced at Faith, then to the two men on each side of his cell.

Wolfe snorted in disgust, but the look he gave Faith was filled with compassionate fury. “They drugged her.”

Jacob’s heart thumped hard in his chest.

“Drugged her?” He glanced at her again, watching as she bit her lip, pulled her knees closer to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs defensively.

Jacob bit off a rough, violent curse. They gave the women they brought to him and the others an aphrodisiac to ensure their arousal and their ability to accommodate the width of a Breed’s cock, which was thicker than normal. But never had they dared to bring one so young.

Their sexual training had begun at an early age, as part of their education in defeating whatever enemy they came up against. Faith was the oldest female, but they hadn’t begun such lessons with her yet. He had dreaded the day they began. And he feared he was to be the first in a line of lovers for Faith. Fury rose inside him. He would die now before allowing another to touch her. He knew his rage would be like the bloodthirsty beast Bainesmith lusted for if another dared to touch her after he took her as his own.

“What is the point behind this?” he questioned Wolfe furiously. “Why would they begin her training in such a way?”

The Pack leader growled in irritation. His lips lifted, displaying sharp canines as his anger rose as well.

“It’s not training, Jacob,” he bit out. “Bainesmith is convinced she can force Faith to conceive. That all it will take is the aphrodisiac to force her ovaries to produce, and in turn she believes the minute amount of normal sperm we possess will fertilize it.”

Jacob watched Faith’s expression as Wolfe spoke. Pure terror glittered in her black eyes as her body shuddered.

“They want me to rape a child and impregnate her?” He laughed mockingly. “What do they think will force me into this?”

The scent of Faith’s arousal was thick in his head, and his body responded to it, but he controlled who he fucked, not the malicious doctor whose schemes for grandeur drove her. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to give her a child of his to torture.

Wolfe snarled. “The aphrodisiac was potent, Jacob. Would you see her suffer? And it’s not as though we both don’t know that Faith would have been willing had you approached her.”

Faith’s face flamed. Jacob shot his Leader a disgruntled look but received only a resigned shrug in return. They were all aware of Faith’s fondness for him, she had made no secret over it in the past months as her body matured. She had flirted and teased him openly several times, as she tested his attraction to her. An attraction he would not have acted upon until she was older, and the danger of Bainesmith’s fury did not exist.

Fury arced through him. She was a virgin, and despite her flirtatiousness lately, she was shy and timid in her interactions with others. There would be no way to hide his taking of her. No way to protect her modesty. He knew the soldiers, knew Bainesmith, and he knew this night would be used to torment the girl in every way possible.

“I do not want this,” she bit out, finally speaking as Jacob watched her in compassion. “I did not want you out of pity, Jacob.”

Violence throbbed in her voice, along with the unwanted heat of arousal. Tears sparkled in her eyes, on her lashes. He could see the tormented desires, the ache of emotion in her eyes. He grimaced, fighting the need to howl out in fury. What demon could have spawned something as evil as Bainesmith? God help them all, but he was being forced to destroy Faith’s innocence, and her last measure of kindness. She would know nothing but shame and fury from this night after the scientist was finished tormenting her with it.

Jacob glanced at Wolfe again. What was he supposed to do? How was he supposed to protect her now? Wolfe knew his softness for her, knew his worries. What in the hell was he supposed to do?

Wolfe turned from him, shaking his head in resignation as he disappeared into the only private sector of his cell. Jacob turned then to Faith’s brother, seeing his fury in the dark swirls of thunderclouds that were his eyes.

“Jacob,” Aiden’s voice was a hard, warning growl. “You hurt her, and I’ll kill you.”

Jacob raked his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Dammit Aiden, do you think I would willingly hurt her?” he asked him angrily. “What would you have me to do?”

Aiden’s gaze went to his sister, and in it, Jacob glimpsed a helpless rage, an impotent need to protect that surged through the other man’s emotions and his body. Jacob knew the brother’s fury because it was similar to the cold, hard core that lodged in his own chest. Faith would suffer for this night with him, and he knew this.

Jacob felt his jaw knot as he fought a particularly vile curse. His hands were nearly trembling with his need to touch her, but his heart ached, shredded at the thoughts of what would come tomorrow.

“I would have you protect her, however you must,” he said furiously before turning and disappearing into the private bathroom.

There would be no way to muffle her cries, but at least she would be assured that those who cared for her would not witness the act. They gave her only the appearance of privacy to ease her though, knowing the shame that would fill her come the next morning.

And Wolfe knew how he was feeling. Only hours before, Bainesmith had dragged her own daughter from Wolfe’s cell after trying to force him into breeding her. Her own daughter. She was a demon, spawned from hell itself.

Jacob sighed wearily. His cock was thick and hard, engorged from the scent of Faith’s arousal as it never had been before with the other women brought to him. But Faith had attracted him for months. He knew her, desired her anyway. She was a part of his Pack, and a part of who he was. He would have eventually taken her. Jacob had known for nearly a year that the time would come when Faith would lie beneath him. He would have preferred to give her the choice, to have allowed her an arousal she could attempt to control. He would have eased her into the mindless needs, not have her thrown into it.

Damn Bainesmith, he cursed silently. How was he to protect the gentleness of this woman through the savagery of the world she had been born into?

“Faith.” He moved closer to her, kneeling on the mattress as he stared into the overly bright eyes that watched him with such vulnerability. “I am sorry.”

She bit her lip, staring up at him, and Jacob felt his heart clench at the emotion in her gaze. He laid his finger to her lips before she would have spoken, expressing those emotions. She likely believed in love, in happily ever after, despite the reality of her life. He could see the dreams in her eyes, her belief that he would make it come out all right. What was he to do when he could not protect her, could not save her from the misery he knew was coming to her?

“No weakness, Faith,” he mouthed, reminding her of the microphones within the cells, and wishing he hadn’t had to. He wouldn’t speak of the cameras that he knew watched them. She knew. There was no help for it. Even the bathrooms were similarly equipped.

A tear slipped from her eye. He felt her body tremble, felt her inner pain begin, and howled silently in misery.

“Trust me, Faith. Relax, I don’t want to hurt you,” he told her, his hands moving to her legs, drawing them away from her chest as he helped her to lie back on the mattress.

She was still, almost unyielding as he practically forced her to uncurl her body and lay back. He was furious with Bainesmith, with himself, and with Faith. The scientist for her cruelty, himself for his weakness, and Faith for her belief in him.

She stretched out slowly, tears sliding from the corners of her eyes, dampening her flesh, the dark fire of her hair at her temples. He hated the tears, hated himself because he knew there would be more where those came from.

Jacob lowered himself beside her, burying his mouth at her ear as he pulled her body into his embrace. She was small and delicate, fragile in his arms. His hands caressed her back, her hips as he tried to soothe her past her fears.

He couldn’t reassure her. He couldn’t show her kindness, or it would be used against her later. Bainesmith enjoyed exploiting their weaknesses. She enjoyed playing them off against each other. He couldn’t allow Faith to be a weakness, or else her life would count for nothing.

She shuddered, whimpering as his lips pressed to the delicate skin of her neck. Her body trembled, and he felt the heat of her skin as her arousal grew.

“I’m frightened,” she whispered, her voice trembling, thick with her tears. “What have they done to me, Jacob?”

“No need for fear, Faith,” he promised her, wanting to growl at the incredible pleasure that the feel of her body brought to his. “Just relax. It will be over soon enough. Trust me in this.”

Her breath hitched as she fought to swallow her tears. “I do trust you, Jacob,” she promised him.

He turned her head, groaned at the trust and the depth of emotion in her eyes before he covered her lips with his own. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks as she moaned hungrily. Her lips opened for him, her tongue twining with his immediately. Jacob flinched at the incredible pleasure that washed over him. Her tongue shyly mated with his own, causing the glands at the side of his tongue to pulse, to ache.

He clasped her hip, rolling her to her back as he came over her. His lips closed on her tongue and created a gentle suckling motion as she bucked against him. He speared his tongue into her mouth, encouraging her to do the same. Sweet mercy. He shuddered, his grip tightening on her as his body shook with a sudden lust he couldn’t explain. All he knew was that the taste and the touch of her was driving him higher in his need, something no other woman had done in his sexual lifetime.

His hand moved from her hip, desperately loosening the large buttons of her shirt so his hand could cup her breast. It was warm and swollen, the nipple a hard little pinpoint of need against his palm. She cried out his name, trying to muffle the sound against his shoulder as his fingers tweaked the little point. She was fire in his arms, and suddenly his control was desperately weak.

Jacob had never known a time when he could not contain his sexual impulses. It had never mattered before how needy the woman was, how desperately she cried out for him, his control had never been tested. Now, with this small virgin, her body quaking beneath him, Jacob felt his own body trembling.

His lips slid from hers, over the delicate, stubborn chin, along a throat so soft he felt an incredible need to nip at the skin, to mark it. To mark her. His lips paused at the area where neck and shoulder met, and he could no longer contain that need. His canines nipped at her roughly, scratching the skin as she arched violently in his arms, crying out his name again. He covered the wound with his lips, stroked it with his tongue and drew it into his mouth to allow his saliva to ease whatever pain would have occurred.

With the urge to mark her satisfied, he moved to the swollen curves of her breasts. Tipped with light pink, engorged nipples, his hand curved around one pale mound, plumping the flesh further.

“Jacob,” her cry was desperate as he lowered his head and covered the hot tip.

She arched to him, aiding him as he jerked the shirt from her, nearly ripping it in his need to uncover her. His hands went to the drawstring of her pants, loosening them, pushing them past her hips, desperate to sink his fingers into the soft flesh of her cunt.

The smell of her was intoxicating. He could feel his blood thundering through his veins, his cock throbbing. Damn her, what was she doing to him?

His tongue laved one nipple as she kicked her pants free of her body, then laved the next as he pushed her legs apart. He could barely breathe for the exquisite pleasure he found in touching her. Her nipples hardened further beneath his tongue, flushing, reddening from the suckling motions of his mouth.

“Easy,” he groaned as her hands speared through his hair, her body trying to arch closer.

There was no easy with her though. Arousal, both natural and drug induced was pouring through her body. He felt her tremble against him, heard her desperate cries in his ears. Jacob fought the need and rushing desperation of his own instincts. He wanted this time to be one of pleasure for her, not one of rushed release. If he gave her nothing else, he wanted to give her the memory of his desire for her, his need to bring her the greatest pleasure possible.

His hand smoothed over her abdomen, his fingers shook, amazing him, as he drew closer to the bare flesh of her pussy. Breeds had no hair on their genitals, male or female. There was no explanation of this, but as his fingers touched the petal smooth perfection of her cunt, his blood pressure sharply increased. He could feel his blood boiling in his veins, rushing through his body as though he had been drugged as well.

Her juices coated the silken lips like soft warm syrup. His fingers slid through the narrow slit, drawing the wet silk in its wake as his lips slid from breasts to abdomen, moving unerringly to the fragrant heat of her cunt.

“Jacob?” Confused passion filled her voice as he moved, drawing her thighs further apart, determined to taste the liquid perfection of her rising need for him.

“It’s okay, Faith.” He fought not to pant, to keep his voice even, comforting. “Easy, baby. I just want to taste you. Just taste, Faith.”

As he settled between her splayed thighs, he looked into her rounded, dark gaze. She was flying on lust. Her body was pumped with the rising heat of her need and the desperate pleasure assailing her. Needs he was determined to ease soon. Because there was no way in hell he could hold off for long. But first, first he had to taste her.

His head lowered, his tongue swiped through the sweet syrup and he couldn’t halt the sound of appreciation that he allowed to rumble against her flesh. Her cunt trembled; he could see the throb of her clit. She tasted sweet, earthy, like the scent of the mountains after a summer rain. And he was desperate for more.

Jacob allowed his lust to rule as he ate at her tender flesh with hungry lips, and a seeking tongue. He slurped at the fountain of her vagina, his tongue spearing into the hot, tight channel as she climaxed violently. Her body shuddered and wept more of the silken fluids into his mouth. The more he consumed of her, the more he needed. She was addictive, hot, and he had been a man starving and unaware of it.

As his tongue drove inside her cunt furiously, sliding and thrusting inside her, the hand holding the sweet nether lips apart from below slid in her slick juices, halting at the velvet opening of her anus. He groaned as he pressed against it. He pushed his tongue harder inside her vagina, and heard her cry as his thumb slid into the tight, hot passage.

There was no control left. Instinct and lust ruled him, and though he fought the incredible depths of his need, the pleasure overcame any thought of gentle considerations. He reared up on his knees. His hands went to her hips, and though he fought for gentleness, he was terrified he was bruising her all the same.

“Turn over,” he growled, gripping her hips and flipping her on her stomach. “On your knees.” There was no time, no control left.

She came to her knees, crying out in her arousal, begging him now. Her hips pushed closer to him, the firm mounds of her buttocks tightening, releasing, the small entrance of her ass peeking out at him. Below that, the smooth, glistening lips of her sex tempted his most carnal desires.

She was his. The thought seared his brain. His woman and his body, and her complete submission was suddenly paramount. Complete submission. No matter his desires, no matter his needs. His finger went to the small hole. It was well lubricated from the thick fluids of her body. His finger sank in, pushing the syrup into the tight hole, lubricating the area further. He pulled back, jerked a tube of lubricant from a shelf at his side and proceeded to prepare her. He had to master her, dominate her body, then he would take the tight channel below, and plant his seed inside her womb. But first. First, she would know who controlled her lusts.

His movements were jerky, his needs ravenous. It was all he could do to ease the preparation of her body, to stretch the delicate flesh with first one, then two broad fingers. He watched as she took him, the tiny hole stretching, the muscles clenching hotly on him as he thrust in and out of the tight channel.

“Jacob,” she cried out in desperation as his cock lodged at the entrance to her ass.

Jacob fought himself now as he looked at the thickness of his cock and the small hole he was preparing to invade. It was possible. He had done it many times before with other women. But not a virgin. Never women unaware of what was coming. She pressed against the thick blunt tip of his erection, her head tossing, her body trembling in his grasp. He fought the need. He fought the desperation clawing at his loins until she backed into him further.

The head of his cock disappeared inside the tiny hole as she screamed out. Pain or pleasure? He couldn’t be certain which, and no longer had the control to question it. He pressed further, feeling the hot bite of her muscles closing in on him, milking his cock. He was aware, only fleetingly of a hot jet of thick fluid shooting into the small channel. He wasn’t coming. He knew he wasn’t coming, but it happened again, then again, further lubricating the area as he sank in to the hilt.

His body, so much larger than hers, came over her then, blanketing her, his lips went to her neck, unerringly locating the mark he had made earlier. He heard the growl that rumbled in his throat, fought, then gave in to a need so violent it tore him apart.

His mouth opened, his canines piercing her silken skin as she screamed out beneath him, her body arching to him, her pleas shattering him. She was chanting his name now. Begging him. Her cries echoed around him until he felt everything around him explode. The room shook, brilliant light exploded around them as pipes burst exploding with a hiss of steam. The earth rocked as walls crumbled in a cascade of steam, shattering glass and screams.


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