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Ellora's Cavemen: Tales From The Temple I

Tales From The Temple IISBN:1-84360-812-X
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave


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Featuring Time-share: Amelia's Journey By Lora Leigh

Determined to make Venus habitable for humans, a spaceship of scientists head to the veiled planet to work. An unexpected crash separates the crew, leaving Amelia alone with Mike and Saber. Strange things are happening in the biosphere, a primal, primitive phenomenon that affects not only Venus’ organisms, but its 3 human inhabitants, too. The need to mate, to be impregnated, overwhelms Amelia, and the desire to be the one who impregnates her overpowers both men. Mike. Saber. Two hot-blooded males in their prime. But just like with any other species of animal, only one man can be the alpha male.

Venus 2245

“What the hell is this! We’ve lost stablization Commander, guidance is gone and radar is offline.”

“Steering is shot all to hell.” Commander Saber Madison struggled against the resistance in the in the manual guidance column, his hands clenching on the wheel as he fought the turbulence threatening to rip the small shuttle apart.

“We’re heating up.” Major Mike Tennison yelled furiously as he fought to re-engage system electronics. “Control. Control. This is East Eden. This is East Eden, we have total system loss. Repeat total system loss.”

Static answered.

“Communications are gone, Commander.” Tennison informed him furiously as the shuttled continued to drop from the sky.

The air inside the small craft was heating up, sweat building on their bodies as instinct kicked in to cool them down. Commander Madison was fighting the steering, pulling the wheel up and out as he tried to force the nose higher and activate the emergency gliding system.

Amelia Collins sat behind the co-pilot, strapped tightly into her seat, her eyes locked on the Commander as he struggled with the wheel. Desperation filled the cockpit as they dropped from the sky, gravity catching the spacecraft and pulling it at an enormous speed to the planet waiting below.

“Just a little more.” Saber’s voice was strained, the muscles in his arms bulging so tight his shirt bit into his arms as he pulled back on the wheel. “Almost there.”

The emergency gliding system was just that. It required the complete failure of all on board systems, which meant steering. Pulling the column up manually was next to impossible, as the system electronics were said to be failure proof. Someone had evidently been wrong because every light and switch on the pilot and co-pilots console was black and the air inside the craft was becoming increasingly thin.

“Got it!” Elation filled the dark voice as the column locked in place and the emergency power flickered around the cockpit.

The shuttle jerked, shuddered, the force outside breaking dramatically as the emergency stabilizers began to retract and lock in place. The craft groaned helliously as the changed, fighting to nose up, slow down and ease to the surface rather than being thrown into it.

“Control. Control. We have complete systems failure. Are you there control?” Tennison continued his call to the space station as he fought to manually rebalance the oxygen, and bring radar back online. “Dammit, Saber, where the fuck are we?”

Cloud cover was thinning, but there was still no way to tell exactly far they had slid from their projected heading. Radar was shot, and the GPS silent.

“We’re coming out of cloud cover. Shit. We got ocean under us.” Saber was fighting with the steering to turn the craft in another direction, hopefully one with land beneath it. If they crashed in the ocean, there wouldn’t be a hope of salvaging the onboard communications or their link to control. The mission was slated to be so perfectly safe that only the basic equipment had been included in the survival packs.

“We’re turning. We’re turning.” Saber gritted out as Amelia felt the craft change heading. “We have potential landing at a heading of three o clock. I’m heading in.

How he managed to wrestle the manual steering from a twelve o clock position to three, Amelia had no idea. The shuttle turned though, amazingly, descending without aid of the breaking system at a fast though hopefully, survivable rate.

“We’re going to hit hard,” Saber yelled over the sound of the crafts stress. “Brace in and expect to bounce.”

And bounce they did. Amelia wondered if bones had managed to break as she was thrown, time and again against the harness as the shuttle hit the ground and began moving across it at breakneck speed. Saber and Mike were involved in a long string of vitriolic curses as they fought to get the craft under control and stopped while still relatively intact.

“Fuck. We’re gonna hit,” Mike suddenly screamed.

Amelia fought to stay conscious as fear overwhelmed her. She wasn’t supposed to die on this mission. It was supposed to be safe.

“We’re gonna clip.” Saber was still fighting the steering as the shuttle groaned, howled but once again shifted direction. A second later the air seemed to explode as the craft jerked, bounced hard and the sound of tearing metal filled their ears.

“Shit. We lost the wings.” The wings, but not their lives. The rate of speed had slowed dramatically, enough that when the shuttle plowed into something seconds later it shuddered to a stop rather than bouncing over it.

At that second, Amelia’s harness snapped on the right, throwing her heavily into the other side. As she bounced into it, that left side gave as well and pitch her into the pilots area.
She cried in shock as she pitched forward her head clipping the back of the pilots seat and rendering her merciless unaware as her body flew toward the glass shields ahead.

He caught her. Saber had only a seconds warning that Amelia was being tossed headlong into the forward section of the cockpit. Only a breath of time reach out, break her flight and jerk her into his arms.

The force of speed nearly ripped his arms out of socket as he braced his body and pulled her sideways, sprawling her across his lap rather than head first into the shield before them.
The shuttle was still rocking, shuddering. Steam erupted from the panels beneath his feet and sparks flew from the control console around them before they fizzled weakly.

His heart was racing, sweat pouring down his body as he trembled from the exertion it had taken to maintain control of the small craft. Beside him, Mike was slumped in his seat, breathing harshly as well, muttered every curse the other man must have learned during his years in the Air Force. And that was quite a vocabulary.

Across his lap, the little botanist he had been forced to accept on the mission was unconscious, her hair having been torn from the neat braided knot she kept it in and flowing around her body.
The first thing he thought of was sex. Damn. They had nearly hurled to their deaths and now that they were safely on land, his cock was engorging, his entire body so hyper that for one tense minute he thought of nothing but stripping her uniform from her body and stuffing her pussy full of the cock surging beneath his own clothes.

Adrenaline was a bitch. And the woman in his arms was a weakness, he had known it the minute she had been assigned to the crew.

“Is she alive?” Mike was breathless, gasping, his short brown hair gripping with moisture as he leaned back in his seat and looked over at them.

Evidently, Saber though, he wasn’t the only one with sex on his mind. Mike’s pants were straining at the seams as well.

“Damn. I’m glad she’s unconscious,” he sighed as he hastily checked the wound at her temple, her vitals, and pupils. “Possible concussion. But hell, she’s alive.”

Her ass was right over his cock, a soft, tempting pad of flesh. He shook his head, cursing, not for the first time, his more than heated attraction to the little botanist. Now wasn’t the time for it. They were in a hell of a situation and sex should be last on his list of priorities.

“Let’s get out of here. See how bad it is.” He released the catch on his harness, wrapped his arms around Amelia’s small body and rose to his feet. “Let’s pray we can at least keep warm.”


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